Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Gordon takes a holiday!, A weekend by the Sea at Broadstairs and Hibs stil losing! (but playing much better!)

In the aftermath of the Glasgow East By-Election defeat Gordon is on holiday, Harriet is in "charge" and number 10 is having a wash down (picture).
There is a lot being said and links made to the Thatcher/Major end game of the late 90's but I think that there is a real, in fact "Major" difference! In 1997 we had had to put up with the Tories for 18 years and were absolutely sick of them and all that they stood for, it was their policies that did for them. I think that the present Labour Government's present problems all stem form the current economic dowturn caused by bad US mortgages and rising oil prices.I dont have a sense of dissatisfaction with the massive investment in the NHS, Education, Decent Homes etc. or the National Minimum Wage, or family tax credits or etc. etc.! (What did the Romans ever do for us!)
A new US President in the New Year, hopefully Obama , may have a quick impact if troops start to leave Iraq and their is an economic upturn in the US,. both which will help us in 2009 turn things around, well before an Election. Talk of a Leadership challenge now is madness we have to tough this one out and expose the Tories for the "slash and burners" what they really are and the Lib Dems for the political irrelevance that they are!! Bring it on!!
I spent a long weekend with my good friend "The Alderman" Ian Driver and his family in Broadstairs with Shauna and although not as hot as May still lots of splashing about in the water(and a bit of crazy golf!).

Ian and Jo are doing really well on the South Coast and the house really is coming on well!
Hibs continue to lose their pre-season games but at long last are starting to perform and gave two good performances against premiership opposition, losing 3-2 to Middlesborough after being 2-0 up and last night going down to a late goal 1-0 to Wigan. Reports were off good performances in both games and it looks like the team have eventually woken up just in time for the opening game against Kilmarnock at Rugby Park on Saturday! Still not convinced about the strength of the squad but hopefully a few more players will be joining in the next week or so?