Monday, October 13, 2008

A busy week in the Town Hall and around Camberwell this week , AGM's at the Blue Elephant Theatre and Poets Corner, T&RA's on Brandon, Castlemead and the D'Eynesford and a daytime OSC and a CCC Planning Committee to boot! Sadly I will miss the Camberwell & Peckham Fundraising Dinner with Alan Johnston MP as I will be at the Planning Meeting but hope to join them for a drink and hopefully another succesful fundraising night!
Big decsions on the future of Camberwell Leisure Centre and the Town Hall loom so lots to get on with and tomorrow morning I am running through the draft Scrutiny Report on Peckham Rye Park which I think will be helpful and have some useful things to say about Parks Management in general.
It was another frustrating day at Hampden on Saturday with a 0-0 draw against Norway with poor old Chris Iwelumo who possibly missed the worst "sitter" of all time! It is a real shame because I think that if we had scored we would have won! Not too bad a performance really but our key players like Brown,McFadden and Darren Fletcher looked off key and we cant afford that. Stephen Fletcher looked good when he came on and I think will be a regular feature in the team from now on.
Disappointed that Kris Boyd had withdrawn from playing under Burley as we will miss him, an over reaction on his part but probably no way back judging from Burley's reaction to the news!
Qualification is now only possible as a runner up and we need to pick up points including against Holland at home as only 8 of the runners-up get through to the play offs! A hard task but not impossible!