Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Enough Campaign" Launch, Lib Dem/Tories at it again!, a weekend in Broadstairs and Hibs take on the "Lesser Greens"!

Tonight the ENOUGH! campaign, made up of organisations from Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark, will launch an appeal for hundreds of Londoners to form a new ‘volunteer army’ to reinforce and extend the work of London’s existing community organisations working with young people.
The ENOUGH! campaign will be formally launched this evening at the Royal Festival Hall. It is a campaign driven and inspired by young people, and friends and families of victims. It aims to:

- Bolster support for existing community organisations
Inspire new volunteers to work to end youth violence
Secure funding from central and local government, charities, companies and individuals
Keep the danger of youth violence on the agenda and promote positive images of young people

This sounds like another excellent initiative which must be supported to encourage those who are trying to tackle the scourge of youth violent crime.

The Lib Dem/Tory Coalition are putting a silly and unnecessary motion to the next Council Assembly back slapping themselves on what they are doing to tackling violent crime and praising the Exec. Member for Community Safety for organising a Summit!
Whilst a lot of positive initiatives are underway there has been no real positive results to show for it with Southwark's rate of fall in violent crime numbers much less than neighbouring boroughs so this motion is self-indulgent and totally misplaced and ill-judged.
The Lib Dems ask for cross-party support and then put this dross on the Agenda hoping we will meekly support well I am afraid it does not work like that!! We will praise actions not words and outcomes and not sound bites!

I am off to Broadstairs for the weekend to see Ian Driver and family and hope to do a bit of babysitting and of course hostelry visiting over the weekend and hope that the weather is not too rough!
The donkeys pictured have retired and a motion was passed by Thanet Council wishing them a long and happy retirement! Well Done Thanet!!

Hibs play Celtic at Parkhead this weekend and maybe a good game after they were soundly beaten by Man U. at Old Trafford... but again maybe not?
Hope Riordinho teaches them a lesson anyway!!!


Anonymous said...

As I understand it the man with the exclusive rights to run the donkey rides stepped down and the Council refused to bother to find a replacement. Not so much "well done" as "undone".

Cllr. John J. Friary Blog said...


Many thanks for that information, that was not what I was told!

In that case I definately retract my well Done!!

I will let my friend in Thanet know and ask him to investigate and get back to me!
Maybe I can get him to start up a campaign to bring them back?

Thanks again!


Anonymous said...