Thursday, November 27, 2008

After a blogging break whilst I have been running some training at Bath university I am back and the priority matter in hand is the recently announced London Mayor Parks Makeover with our very own Camberwell Green in the running to be one of the 10 successful Parks to be awarded £400,000! But as we know from X-Factor you need to vote to win and the link below takes you directly through to vote for Camberwell Green so do it is your duty! -

The other big political news of the week was the Alistair Darling's Pre-Budget Report which will inject £20 Billion into the UK Economy over the next year and it has to be the right thing to do! Certainly it is what President Elect Obama and many other World Leaders will be doing.....but of course not the Tories or the Lib Dems if they were in power!! What a surprise that it!!!

I have spend some enjoyable days at Bath University over the past 2 weeks delivering some training for their staff with more to come next year. It is a very beautiful City and the pic is of the lovely venue that i used for the training!

After a string of very poor results Hibs had a stunning 4-1 away win at Motherwell with 4 fantastic strikes to easily beat Motherwell (even their goal was a great free-kick!)
This is much more like it from Hibs and hopefully will rebuild a knocked confidence as we run into the critical Christmas and New Year programme with games against all the big teams coming up.
It looks like Fletcher will go in the January transfer window and I suspect it will be to Celtic? Rangers have plenty of strikers not even getting on the bench so hard to see them wanting him? Hopefully he will go for good money as he has recently signed a new contract but impossible to keep players after the Old Firm come knocking!!


James said...

Burgess Park is Southwark Council's nomination for the £2 million award for a major park to be decided by Boris Johnson in consultation with a team of experts.

I hope that our councillors and everyone in Southwark will lobby to bring this huge investment to the park. This is really an excellent opportunity to transform Burgess Park into an amazing place and wonderful local resource.

For so many years, Burgess Park has not fulfilled its potential. Let's hope that starting in 2009 this will begin to change.

John Friary said...


You are absolutely right that we ned to loby Boris as much as possible to get the investment into Burgess Park!!

Word is that Burgess Park is the favourite to win so I hope that is the case!

I am currently Chairing a Scrutiny on Burges Park so in a good position to lobby Boris directly which I will be doing vigourously!!

Thanks for commenting!


Anonymous said...