Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Well today is the day when hopefully record crowds will get out across the USA and sweep Barack Obama to the Presidency!
This is a really exciting and pivotal moment, as someone said to Stephen Fry in his programme, "shooting a black man was not a crime in some states 40 years ago!"
I have booked the day off work to stay at home and watch the end game and hopefully the new President Elect Obama accept victory!!

It is a busy week for me in and out of the Town Hall this week with a long OSC looking at the Elephant and Castle and Council Assembly on Wednesday night! At least we have now agreed on a cross-party motion on violent crime which is good news and ensures that we can progress to the Summit positively and focus on the areas where we can learn form others and improve! Having some sort of strategic approach is in my view essential and I will keep the pressure up on the Administration to swallow their pride on this one, admit we were right and get on with it!
Sunday is of course Remembrance Sunday and the 90th Anniversary of the 1918 Armistice so it will be a day of particular poignancy and I will of course be at the Walworth Service which I always really like and I will lay a wreath at the Camberwell Green Memorial.

Hibs fought out a really dull 0-0 draw away at St. Mirren on Saturday but there are promising signs of a really good sqaud coming together with Ma-Kalamby building on his Olympic confidence in goal, Van Zanten looking good (Man of the Match on Saturday!), Murray looking back to his best in Midfield and the strike force of Nish, Fletcher and Riordan looking very strong (obviously not on Saturday!).
I really like the look of Uruguayan Fabian Yantorno who now looks fully fit and playing well and could be one of our players of the season so things looking up!