Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remembrance Sunday at Camberwell Green Memorial, Arsenal are Super and Hibs are Shocking!!!

On Remembrance Sunday I laid a wreath for the Camberwell Councillors at the Camberwell Green Memorial with Bernie, Barbara and Connie, all relatives of the Wright family who were so tragically killed in the bombing during WW2.
It was really good to be there with them and to show them that we have not forgotten the sacrifice that their family made!

I spent Saturday at the Emirates with Tsui watching an absolutely fantastic game as Arsenal took on Manchester United and beat them 2-1! It really was end to end stuf of incredibly high quality for 96 Minutes and Sami Nasri scored both Arsenal's goals to get a crucial victory which keeps them in the chase with the other "Big Three"!
This is me in the Coronet Pub on Holloway Road after the match where the Doormen checked as to whether you were an Arsenal fan!

Hibs miserably performance and 1 -2 defeat at home at the hands of Invernes Caley is probably best glossed over as a bad day at the office but this is a nice picture of the Hibs shirts with a poppy woven into them.
This was copied at every League match in the UK along with a minutes silence at the start of every game!
The plan is that the shirts are raffled with money going to ex-serviceman's funds! A great initiative which I hope is repeated every year!! Well done to the FA and the SFA!!!


Anonymous said...

as usal when you get thrown out of office,you give up hounding us untill the next election,so let me warn you now not to bother standing for southwark again,your kind are not welcome here,please stay in edinburgh where you belong,we dont need nu labor,stinky libs or thieving tories running our services.

Anonymous said...

You really are a very angry little man aren't you!

For your info I have lived in Camberwell since 1984 and been an elected Councillor since 1994, the last time with the second highest Labour majority in London!

What is your record like?


Anonymous said...