Friday, January 09, 2009

Back to the Grind, Tooley Street madness, OBE madness, Camberwell Green Park and Hibs Vs Hearts double header!

Well I am back to London, back to work at London Met and back to Southwark Council!!

A busy time ahead with 3 Elections in the next 15 months so important for us to be working at full tilt over that period to deliver solid Labour majorities in Camberwell, Southwark, the UK and Europe!

We will be running a full Euro Campaign in Camberwell this year and if course selecting candidates to represent Camberwell Green Ward in the 2010 Southwark Elections!

We have just put out an Excellent Seasons Greetings Card and a Newsletter and continue with our very positive regular Campaigning sessions around the ward as well as the Borough Campaigning sessions all over the borough.
Southwark Council staff will very soon start moving into the Tooley Street "Titanic" and we now hear that as well as the many millions of pounds that we will have to pay rent every year and the £2M pounds for Consultants to tell everyone where to sit there will be an extra £2M on staff furniture!!

You may think that staff will relish the move but I am told, by Lib Dem/Tory Councillors no less, that everyone will have to be crammed into large open plan areas and seated like a Call Centre with long rows of desks facing each other!! It also appears that other buildings will have to be kept and that buildings up for sale will make far less that estimated so all in all a very expensive cock-up all round!!!

But never mind cos, guess what? Nick Stanton is getting an OBE!!!!??? What?????

I recall an old episode of "Not the Nine O'Clock News" when the team sang a song after a US Election describing all the outlandish things they believed in but ending with the line "....I cant believe Ronald Reagan is President!" Now I know how they felt!!! I can only assume that he floated to the top of a very short list of Lib Dem Honours Political Nominations because I am really struggling to list his "services to local government"!!!
The voting for the Mayor's Park Fund is almost at an end and there will be an event in Camberwell Green on Saturday 17th January from 11am until 2pm to act as a last push to get those votes in!!

We really need that £400,000 investment in the Park to bring it back to something of it's former glory!!!Please Vote for Camberwell Green Park!!!!
I watched Hibs play Hearts at Tynecastle on Sunday on Setanta and they actually played quite well in a surprisingly entertaining 0-0 game, with Ma-Kalamby really pulling off some good saves but Hibs always looking dangerous in attack!

On Sunday at Easter Road they meet again in the Homecoming Cup which will be on Sky(hope to see live if I can get back from borough wide campaigning!)

Both sides are very close and very inconsistent so really impossible to call, just got to hope for the best!!!


Anonymous said...

While I didn't vote for Boris (a Ken voter), I have to say, Labour had decades to help Camberwell and failed really. No tube or train station. And they dragged out the Tram and never really funded it anyway.

And they never developed Burgess Park and you all let Camberwell Green got to pot. So perhaps it is fitting that in one swoop Boris will suddenly bring a much needed upgrade. Maybe I will vote for him next time.

John Friary said...

Dear Anonymous,

Idf you really believe that that buffoon is the best thing for London then of course you must vote for him when you have the opportunity!!

The Tram project was realistic and boris has just killed it stone dead!!!

Many of us however do think different!!


somebody said...