Thursday, January 01, 2009


Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year for 2009 from Edinburgh where I am still with my mum and dad having a complete rest and preparing to re-enter the fray next week!!
Above are some images of Edinburgh over Christmas and the New Year!
Next year holds of course the European Elections and even the possibility of a General Election although I dont see that happening until May 2010 but who knows!! Good to see the Labour Party ending the year with good poll ratings with the Cameron's Tories and "Nick "Cameron Lite" Clegg's lib Dems seen as more and more irrelevant by the British public!!
Hibs schizophrenic season continues with a shockingly bad 2-4 home defeat to Kilmarnock who plyed most fo the second half with 10 men, a crucial game for uis to win and we blew it big time!!
With 2 games against Hearts away at Tynecastle in the next two weeks it could not come at a worst time and I really fear that we will end up out of the Cup and out of the running for 3rd place in the SPL at the hands of our Nemesis in the space of 14 days!! I am worried!!!!