Thursday, January 22, 2009

Camberwell Regeneration - a Good Week now lets see some action to make it all happen!!

It has been a very interesting and I think positive week for Camberwell, staring with the "Thumbs Up" campaign for the £400K bid to the Mayors Parks Fund and rumours that we are doing very well!
Followed up with a visit from the Minister for Sport Gerry Sutcliffe MP to meet with Harriet, Exec Member Lewis Robinson, Councillors and Friends of Camberwell Leisure Centre to discuss the future of the building and it's redevelopment potential, and in the same week the Scrutiny Committee A released the first draft Report on the Regeneration of Camberwell!

I have to take it on good faith that this Tory/Lib Dem have had a "Paulian Conversion" to regenerating Camberwell even though a year ago they were not apparently interested as "there were no votes in it!" and the threat of the Leisure Centre closure seemed a constant threat.
The Tory/Lib Dem Administration are putting up a bit of a back slapping exercise motion at next week's

Council Assembly which is a bit premature to say the least and a bit presumptous because they had to be led screaming and kicking to where we are now! However we have to be pragmatic on this and let the inflated egos have their way if it is in the longer term good for Camberwell so we may have to keep quiet and support it!! Whether they see some party political advantage in it is not clear but I am sure that they will be putting out Newsletters soon claiming that they have saved Camberwell ! I am happy to hold my fire and clarify the reality of the situation come election time!!
I hope that this does represent a real and meaningful change of direction and attitude from this Administration and think that if we can progress all these areas successfully then Camberwell will really begin to change for the better and for good!!!