Friday, July 17, 2009

OSC, Elephant, Danny and Lib Dem dirty tricks, and the Pied Piper Relief back in Camberwell!!!

We had a long Overview and Scrutiny Meeting on Monday commencing with an update on the Lakanal situation.
The main debate was on the Elephant and Castle following on from last week's Council Assembly and we just have to hope that the deal with be signed asap and that we can get on with it!
Sandra and I went to see Danny yesterday and we was very pleased with the Southwark News article from yesterday. Rumours are about threat the Lib Dems are setting up some stooges to write letters as concerned residents asking that Danny should not receive his allowance as he is in hospital!! They are just unbelievable are n't they!! Funnily enough Danny gave Sandra and I surgery case work as one of his nurses is having problems with the council!!
I has some quotes on the Bermondsey stabbing, Dog control areas and the CCTV Emergency Points following Lind Manchester's almost deranged performance at Council Assembly!!
I have another campaign to remount the Pipe Piper Relief by Willi Soukop, a Czech sculptor in 1959 and located on the Elmington T&RA Hall until it's demolition.
I would like ti to be mounted free standing in Camberwell Green and unveiled on the 13th November, 50 years to the day when it was originally unveiled by Sir Isaac Hayward, Leader of the London County Council! That would be fantastic if we can do it!