Monday, July 06, 2009

Tragic Lakanal Fire, Lib Dem attempts to remove Danny and fun at Myatts Field!Fletcher gives fee back for Hibs Youth Development!

At the forefront of my attention this weekend has been the tragic fire in Lakanal House on the Sceaux Gardens Estate on Friday early evening! I was the local Councillor for the Sceux Gardens Estate from 1994 until 2002 when the Ward boundaries changed so know the Estates and Lakanal House very well.
The death of six people, including three young children is horrific and my thoughts go out to the Francisquini, Hickaman and Odoaka families and friends!
Clearly there will be lots to investigate and consider before any sensible conclusions can be drawn but I am sure that we will discuss the terrible events of last Friday at Wednesday's Council Assembly understanding the responsibility we have to prevent such a thing happening again!
I must comment on how excellent as ever the emergency services were, in particular the Firefighters who worked so hard to save lives on Friday as they do every single day of the year!!
They truly are inspirational!
My close friend Councillor Danny McCarthy has been in hospital for a number of months recovering from a major operation with another to follow in a few weeks. Danny was twice Mayor of Southwark and first elected in 1982 making him once of the longest serving Councillors in Southwark.
I have been visiting him regularly at St. Thomas' and he has always been bright and chatty, though clearly in pain as he regularly calls in a nurse for a quick gulp of morphine!!
You would think that all politicians in Southwark would support him and wish him well for a speedy recovery would n't you? Well apparently not with the Liberal Democrats likely to vote on Wednesday for Danny to be removed and force a By-Election in the final months of this Administration!!
The Tories look likely to abstain which is still not good enough and they should vote with us but they at least have some sense of honour and decency unlike their bedfellow who are totally contemptible as trying to oust Danny who has done more in his time in the office that the rest of them put together x 10!!! Just when you think the Lib Dems cant get any lower this happens and I cant wait to make my feelings clear about them in the Chambler of Wednesday...what a load of scumbags!!! I have a feeling that this may be a little too low even for some Lib Dem Members who may disappear out of the Chamber during the debate!
I spent a lot of the weekend at the fantastically newly refurbished Myatts Field Park in Camberwell with Clair and kids, stopping off to play the Piano in Camberwell Green Park on the way!

Stephen Fletcher signed for Burnley for around £3M and gave back half his signing-on fee, around £125,ooo back to Hibs for Youth Development so well done Stephen and good luck in the Premiership and with Scotland!!