Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Banging heads against brick walls !!!!

I spent much of Wednesday night banging my head of the Tory/Lib Dem Coalition wall, not a very pleasant experience !

They are out of control and dont give a single thought to democratic accountability as can be seen by them tagging on the Special meeting on Housing at the ned of the Ordinary one, hence it began after midnight and the Lib Dem moved straight to the vote after both motions had been proposed!

They are all a very poor excuse for local politicians and really deserve nothing but contempt!!!

I can only hope that there are a few within their ranks who will not tolerate this over the next three and a half years but I am not holding my breath!!

I attended OSC last night, my last meeting before the Christmas break and am looking forward to going to Edinburgh for a couple of weeks.

Hibs play 3 times at home and the only other game is away to Hearts at Tynecastle so we are hoping for a good haul of points to keep us in the hunt for 3rd place. I am not sure that either Thompson or Brown will be around at the end of the Transfer window but hope that they go to Bolton or another English club and stay well clear of the Old Firm who have been responsible for destroying a lot of young scottish talent over recent years!!!

I am looking forward to the London Hibernain Supporters Club Burns Night when I get back on the same day as the League Cup Semi Final against St. Johnstone so hopefully we will be in a party mood!!!!