Thursday, December 28, 2006

Respect Areas and Hibs up and down form!

I was interested to hear of the Governments plans to target high crime areas with more resources in what they are calling "Respect Areas". This sounds like a very positive move to me and is reward to local authorities who are making a real effort to combat anti-social behaviour using the rangeof new powers given to them by this Labour Government.
Unfortunatley I dont think that Southwark Council will be included thanks to the heel dragging prevarication of the Lib Dem/Tory Coalition who have failed to tackle ASB in the borough thanks to their political dislike of the Government. In fact the Lib Dems are committed to reverse all of the Legislation if they were ever in a position of political power to do so! (not a realistic proposition I admit!)
So we may miss the boat again thanks to this pathetic bunch running the Council at the moment!

My advice to them is that they need to start using the powers given to them in a more effective way and really start tackling anti social behaviour on the Estates. I also suggest that they review the efectiveness of the Community Wardens against the cost, curretly nearing £6Million per year of Council Tax Payers money! The Labour Group position on this is to reduce the wardens scheme and have them focus on enviro crime in the Town Centres, freeing up funds to employ more PCSO's for target "Hot Spot" Wards nd to invest in better street lighting and other anti crime initiatives.

I am back in Edinburgh with my parents for the festive season and the Scottish Parliamentary Elections are already in focus. I hope to come up and help out during the Elections and hopefully keep labour in control. The prospect of an SNP Executive and a Referendum within a year on Independance would be catestrophic for the Scottish economy so I hope that my countrymen think very long and hard before voting SNP in May and think of the long term consequences of an Independant Scotland!

Hibs had a great 5-1 victory over St. Mirren and followed up with a 2-3 defeat to Hearts in a game that they dominated, snatching defeat from the jaws of Victory through bad goalkeeping (again!!!) and ill discipline(AGAIN!!!!!!!!).

Two more home games to go and a couple of cup games in January with a host of players suspended or looking to move so the ship needs to be stabilised soon or we could wreck our season in the space of 3 weeks!