Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Lib Dem/Tory Council acting unconstitutionally!!!

Today the Labour members of OSC have called in the decision to delete the Strategic Director of Housing Post as it was taken by the Executive obviously completely unaware that under the Council Constitution such a decision can only be taken by Council Assembly!

This bunch are so pathetic and amatuer that they dont even understand their own Constitution!!!

I attended a feedback session with the new Chief Executive which was very pleasant and she announced follow up walkabouts in the Spring to "fix things"?

I really am not sure that that is the best model for action in the Borough with the CEO pointing to things and shouting "fix that!" to her bag carriers!

I would love things to get "fixed" in Camberwell Green Ward through a Council that is actually working effectively rather than through the personal patronage of a Senior Officer. This is the same management style being operated by the Deputy Leader and Housing Executive Member with teams of staff cleaning up prior to arrival and a brief visit captured in full by his personal photographer!!

This really cant be the way forward can it????

I am back in Edinburgh for a couple of weeks with my parents and hope to catch Hibs 3 home matches.

In January there is the Legaue Cup Semi Final against St. Johnstone and an away Scottish Cup tie against Aberdeen.

Charlton put in a £3 Million for both Scott and Thompson which was rejected by 20 minutes but I fear that they will go in the January window possibly to Bolton or Spurs! As long as it not Celtic or Rangers!!!

I am looking forward to a good rest before battle commences once again in early jan with our OSC Call-In