Sunday, December 03, 2006

Serious Violent Crime in Camberwell, Housing Chaos and Hibs rejuvination!!!!

In the past month we have had the shooting outside of Aristocrats and another gun and knife incident amongst gang members operating in Southwark and Lambeth but apparently focussing their gang warfare around Camberwell.

I had a bullet go through my bedroom window which the police are soon to extract from my window frame so i am conscious of the problems first hand and how insecure it makes you feel.

I have lived in Camberwell for 22 years and love the place for lots of reasons but the Council and the police really have to target resources in the area to resptotoond adequately to the current level of vioelnt crime. Yet to date we have neard nothing from the Council and that is why I am seconding a motion to Council Assembly demanding that they do so! Of course the Lib Dems oppose all legislation aimed at tackling violent and anti social behaviour and would revoke it all if they were in charge!!!

This is an area of policy that really shows the Lib Dems at their dithering worst unable and unwilling to take any decisive action prefering to leave everything to the police and blaming the Government!

Within Southwark Council complete chaos ensues with the break up of the Housing Department(strange from the largest landlords in London?)and managment changes on an almost daily basis emailed through to our blackberries without any notice or consultation( apart from occassional leaks to Southwark News!!!

The Council is now being run by the Tory rump led by Kim Humphries who has promised a transformation in 100 days! At this rate the transformation into a complete shambles will occur a lot quicker than 100 days! the pathetically weak Lib Dems are being poulled around by the nose by the Tories and I am glad that Cllr. Danny McCarthy has had enough, and if rumours are true more are likely to follow!

Of course it is the residents of Southwark who will suffer the longer that the tories are given cart blanche with the Housing Department and the Council Finances and hopefully things will come to a head at Budget setting time early in 2007!!!

We are putting our Christmas card out across the ward. I think that they look good and we should repeat it each year.

Hibs continue to win under John Collins and I am looking forward to the Christmas break and seeing Hibs play 3 times over the festive period.Yesterday I saw Dulwich Hamlet win at Champion Hill to keep on top of the Ryman Division 1. Fisher Athletic have been wobbling and Justin Edinburgh's departure wont help so they may struglle to stay in the top 3 in the Conference South.