Monday, July 16, 2007

Camberwell Green Fun days, Anyone for Mayor? and back to Basics for the Tories?

Over the past few weekends I have been going to the usual round of Estate and School Fun Days. Chris, Dora and I were at the Comber School fun day where we had a chance to throw wet sponges at each other which was very theraputic! Dora asked me to avoid her face but I just could not acceed to that request!! On Saturday we went to the Camberwell After School Project and met up with Carmen and some of the Trustees and parents.

The Tories look like they have finally decided upon their London Mayoral candidate who will be, surprise surprise Boris Johnson. With the lib Dems apparently trying to pursuade fromer top Policeman Brian Paddick to be their candidate (probably not even a Lib Dem member yet!) it really shows how desperate the other parties have been to find a suitable candidate and they have of course found out that they are so short of talent that they have struggled to find anyone. Whilst a Ken Vs Boris contest may provide a lot of entertainment none surely in their right mind would elect that buffoon to such an important job would they?? Boris will need to employ someone to follow him around to say "What the Mayor meant to say was...."!
I borrowed a picture from Andy Meyer showing the high calibre Lib Dem politician who should perhaps be throwing his hat into the ring alongside Boris, very much a case of Dumb and Dumber!!! I think his name is Lemsip Optic and I think that his family is from Transylvania?

Meanwhile the Tories have released a Report of a Group chaired by IDS about "Broken Brtiain", something that IDS obviously is fully conversant with after meeting a woman on a Glasgow Estate for about half an hour!
And what is the conclusion? Surprise surprise it is all the fault of single parents and the answer is to give everyone money to get married!!!!
I can see the son of "back to basics" rising from the ashes and wonder how long it will take for it to crash and burn on the back of a News of the Screws story about a senior married Tory policitian caught having an affair with a 19 year old pole dancer?
No wonder Labour is riding high in the opinion polls with a 40% rating and a 7% lead over the tories, the highest for 2 years!! It's all good!!!!!

It is also interesting to see that the Tory Candidate in Ealing Tony Lit has only just joined their party weeks after being at a Labour Party Fund Raiser, a man of obvious principle and just the type of person that David Cameron is looking for !! It is usually the Lib Dems who pick people who know nothing about politics but obviously the habit is catching!!

I am off to Loughborough University for a few days on a Health and Safety Auditing Course, 3 days from early morning to late evening so not much fun to be had really but I did find a picture of the bar which looks quite appealling and which may require my attention during the course purely in a professional capacity you understand!!!


Simon Edward said...

So tell me at this transport summit did you have any input from Lambeth? Any Lambeth residents' views?

Camberwell suffers greatly because it is on the edge of the two boroughs with one (Lambeth) saying that Camberwell is irrelevant despite the fact that 25% of the se5 postcode is in Lambeth and the other (Southwark) not including the Lambeth residents.

As someone who lives on the edge of Lambeth I am affected greatly by what Southwark do but have no means of influence.

I would have liked to attend the summit but was unable to owing to other commitments.

Camberwell has transport problems - primarily the volume and speed of the car traffic, the cycle and pedestrian unfriendliness of the Green area and the prevalence of speeding on residential roads such as Denmark Road which is I understand split between the two boroughs (Denmark Road is also used as a rat run by drivers trying to avoid Camberwell New Road putting the many pedestrians and especially school children in danger). The solution would be to restrict access, impose 20mph limits and introduce traffic calming measures.

simon edward said...

Err sorry that last one should be on the previous post ...

Cllr. John Friary Blog said...

Simon, most of the local residents seemed to be from the Southwark parts of camberwell but a few prominent ones were from the border areas like Valnmar Road and Flodden Road. In fact in my Group we had Traffic officers from both Southwark and Lambeth and the Lambeth people were worried about the re-opening of a rail station in camberwell at the expense of the closure of loughborough Junction so it was a real cross borough discussion.

Anonymous said...