Friday, July 13, 2007

Southwark goes Fair Trade, Camberwell Transport Summit and Kirsty picked again for Old Southwark and Bermondsey!!

Southwark became a Fair Trade Borough on Wednesday, largely due to the persistence if Dora in getting it through. On the day Lib Dem and Tory Executive members were falling over themselves to be involved and it may be a bit churlish of me to remind everyone that first time round they all voted against Dora'a motion!!!!!
The Camberwell Community Council funded Camberwell Transport Summit was very successful last night with GLA
Member Val Shawcross taking an active involvement in the event and I think that everyone left feeling more positive than when they went in!!!

My colleague Kirsty McNeill was reselected as the Labour Candidate for Old Southwark and Bermondsey to build upon her growing reputation in the constituency and she will provide a real challenge to Simon Hughes at the next General Election.
Finally I spent yesterday at work (London Met) in a workshop about dealing with conflict and I identified my Motivational Value System as being Assertive-Nurturing ie actively seeking opportunities to help others... Persuading others to ensure maximum growth and development of others... Being open to proposals for creating welfare and security for others... Creating enthusiasm and support in tackling obstacles to success???? - sounds like me!!!

I took a couple of pictures outside of the Arsenal Emirates Stadium as I was passing. My old office at North Campus was directly next door so I saw the building construction from start to finish. I have renewed my Red card for next season so plan to see the Gunners a couple of times next season!


richard thomas said...

all parties have backed fair trade from the start. you are pathetic for trying to pretend otherwise.

Cllr. John Friary Blog said...

Richard, I do love you Lib Dems who want to deny facts but this is a pretty silly one as your voting is recorded in the minutes of the Council Assembly so all you need to do is check!!! All Lib Dems and Tories voted down Dora's original motion!!

Anyway we are all friends now!!!!

Simon Edward said...

So tell me at this transport summit did you have any input from Lambeth? Any Lambeth residents' views?

Camberwell suffers greatly because it is on the edge of the two boroughs with one (Lambeth) saying that Camberwell is irrelevant despite the fact that 25% of the se5 postcode is in Lambeth and the other (Southwark) not including the Lambeth residents.

As someone who lives on the edge of Lambeth I am affected greatly by what Southwark do but have no means of influence.

I would have liked to attend the summit but was unable to owing to other commitments.

Camberwell has transport problems - primarily the volume and speed of the car traffic, the cycle and pedestrian unfriendliness of the Green area and the prevalence of speeding on residential roads such as Denmark Road which is I understand split between the two boroughs (Denmark Road is also used as a rat run by drivers trying to avoid Camberwell New Road putting the many pedestrians and especially school children in danger). The solution would be to restrict access, impose 20mph limits and introduce traffic calming measures

Anonymous said...