Monday, July 02, 2007

The Sad Death of Sheila Carmen, terrorism threat returns, Salmon bores the Queen and pictures of Harriets Party.

Today I attended a packed reception to commemorate the life of Sheila Carmen who died last week after a short illness. Sheila ran the Brandon 3 Pensioners Hall for many years and I worked closely with her ever since becoming a Camberwell Green Councillor. Sheila was a straight talker and never held back on what she thought but was a very caring and considerate person who always looked after the needs of the elderly on the Estate and will be sadly missed. I spoke to her husband Tom who told me they were married for 52 years and there must have been over 100 cards and over 50 wreaths there today. Tom also recieved a plaque of condolence from Arsenal signed by Arsene Wenger.
I wrote to Southwark News thanking them on a really fitting tribute to Sheila in last week's edition.

I have now found myself rapped up in Facebook which looks pretty amazing as it forms a spiders web of contacts and links and my web is forming quite nicely. I was pleased to find myself now an official friend of Andy Mayer as well as many of my Labour Group colleagues, yet another virtual world for me to get obsessed over!!!!!

The UK had a stark reminder of the continuing threat from terrorists and I suppose it was to be expected that there would be an attack just after Tony Blair standing down. It was obviously a shock for Scotland to be targetted for the first time and my nephew may find some trouble getting back from Belfast for his graduation in Glasgow tomorrow!

The third Scottish Parliamentary Session opened on Saturday with the poor old Queen having to sit through the independance drivel from Alex Salmon and some of the pictures show how unimpressed she was by it!!!

Cleo sent through some pictures of Harriet's Celebratory Party last week which we all rushed to very late after the Council Assembly. It was a good opportunity for the local party to congratulate her.

The Under -20 World cup has started in Canada and Scotland have unfortunately come a cropper in the first game, losing 3-1 to Japan with Fletcher, McNeill and Campbell all starting, in fact Campbell scored the Scots only goal in the game.Nigeria and Costa Rica await!!!
Other Hibs news is that the 10,000th Season Ticket was sold last week so it looks like another season of full houses at Eatser Road!!