Thursday, July 26, 2007

Southwark Labour Party Youth Summit, CLP Party for Harriet and Camberwell Branch Party, Hibs beat Bolton 3-0 and ar after Naismith!!

Last night I attended the Youth Summit in the Town Hall organised by Harriet, Val and the Southwark Labour Group as a way of starting a converstation with young people on what they need and want in their area to better inform us as a local party and of course to inform the Governmnet.
The meeting was well attended but not enough young people really had their say and a key lesson as the conversation continues is that we need to get out of the Town Hall to where young people are and we plan to do that over the next few months It actually mirrors in many ways the Scrutiny review of Youth Services which I Chair as again we will be getting out and finding out what young people think of what is provided and what they want so it will be an interesting few months and I should have plenty opportunity to talk to young people directly and hopefully move the debate on in the Town Hall, labour party and government?
The Camberwell & Peckham Labour Party had a celebration event at the Dark House in Camberwell to celebrate Harriet's brilliant victory in the Deputy leadership contest and below are a few dark pics taken very late as only the hardened drinkers remained!!
Tonight is the Camberwell Branch Labour Party Summer Party at Cleo's so I am looking forward to that! Hope tha rain holds off for the Barbeque!!
Hibs appear to have had a very good victory over Bolton Wanderers last night with Fletcher, Murphy (pictured) and Benji scoring ina 3-0 win!!
Obviously you cant read too much into pre season freindlies but it is a good win against Premiership opposition and we need the same again against Middelesborough on Saturday to build up confidence for the frist game against Hearts in a few weeks!
Hibs are still wisely looking for an additional Striker and two names appear to be in their sights:
Norwegian Daniel Bratten of Rosenborg is out of contract in Janaury and John Collins has watched him but in truth he may be out of our league as bigger clubs also appear to be interested.
Kilmarnock's Steven Naismith is the other name being mentioned. It looked like Rangers had him sewn up but they refused to pay the £1.7M requested, stopping at £1.5M. He would be a terrrific signing for us as I think that he is the best striker in Scotland at the moment and would really be an asset to the club but it appears that he may opt for Hearts instead as Romanov has more cash to spend but if I was John Collins I would spend some of the money raised by selling Thompson and Brown and get Naismith. We definatley need another striker and he is one of the best out there!!!