Friday, November 09, 2007

Harriet's 25th and Lib Dems trying to join Labour!!!

These are a selection of photos from last night's Celebratory gathering for Harriet Harman as she reaches 25 years as an MP. the Prime Minister Gordon Brown was the guest of honour, with Jaqui Smith, The Home Secretary and other MP's attending as well as familiar faces from the last 25 years of the Camberwell and Peckham Labour party. It was a really good evening and a great way to celebrate Harriet's 25 years and in particlar her, and Gordon's good year in 2007!!

Southwark news had an interesting piece on Columbo Blango's repeated attempts since 2006 to join the Labour Party, but of course only at a price!! The price being a guaranteed £40,000 a year Executive position and proposterously enough a safe Labour Seat at the General Election!!! Talk about delusions of grandeur!!!!
Anyway the Lib Dems can rest easy in their beds as we dont want him in the same way that we did not want Dr Ola when he tried to come back!!! Columba's heady mix of ignorance and arrogance continues to embarrass and anger us so he wont find any support on our side and if any of his colleagues wish to join us they have to know that there wil be no deals or promises which is all they seem to want so again we say forget it!!!! Columbo says that Tayo was overhead saying that Columbo was the Labour Party's strongest asset and if he stays on the ruling Lib Dem/Tory Exec he just might have a point????
On a happier note my best wishes go out to my good friends Chris and Jason as they have their Civil Ceremony tomorrow and I will be ther wishing them well for a great day tomorow and a long and happy future together!!!

It is a football free weekend as Scotland prepare for the match against Italy so I hope that Scott Brown and his team mates prepare well and stay injury free for next Wednesday's crunch match!!!! Only a win against the WORLD CHAMPIONS will do!!!! No pressure!!!