Thursday, November 01, 2007

Chairing Camberwell Community Council and Cllr. Baichoo resigns!!

I was unexpectedly Chairing the Camberwell Community Council on Tuesday due to Sandra feeling unwell and after getting over the shock of doing it at short notice actually enjoyed it! I have Chaired a number of the Planning Meetings but that wa only the second full CCC that I Chaired. The key item was agreeing the CGS Funding for the year which i think was done with our usual thoughtfulness and thoroughness so thre was little dispute from the attendees (actually a better turnout than of late probably due to the CGS bids?).

On Wednesday I Chaired the Education and Children's Scrutiny Committee where we signed off the Extended Schools report and agreed the scope of the Youth Scrutiny as well as Interview Caroline Pidgeon (she is always well briefed and well supported so a positive experience unlike with some of her colleagues!!)
November is a really busy time both at the University and Town Hall so I just have to count down the days to Christmas!!!
Following on from last week's report Southwark News announced today that Paul Baichoo is resigning for "health reasons" but do rather dwell on a web site with pictures of Paul raving in Ibiza with comments like "But take drugs anyway...go on!". Paul's health of course is his priority and frankly his private life is his own affair but I do get angry at the perception that the Lib Dems are forcing him out due to his increasing dissatisfaction at their policies and behaviour all under a health smokescreen? Something below most politicians but we are talking Liberal Democrats here!!! As well as the fact that they cant run a sweet shop they also appear to be a particularly nasty organisation to be involed with as more and more of their current members are steadily finding out (as well as their past 2 National Party Leaders!!)
A Riverside By-Election beckons and I hope that constituents really take a good look at the Lib Dems and not just the myth of the Blessed Simon. The Tories also fancy doing well in that ward so we may see trouble in paradise in the Lib Dem/Tory coalition over the next month or so!!!


Richard Thomas said...

Since I imagine you have little inside information about paul's health, the suggestion that his decision is not due to health but due to some policy bust-up is entirely unworthy. It is also false and I notice that you offer not one shred of evidence about why you have reached this conclusion. I'd say that is a pretty 'nasty' way to behave.

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