Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Party donations and McLeish goes Brummie!

So the Party is again under scrutiny over donations but I cant really see how you can know exactly where money comes from? If I donated £100,000 to the Party next week would they assume that I had just won the Lottery or that I was a front for a mystery donor? The problem appears to be the Party communication with some individuals knowing more than others and not making that known which has really put us in this situaltion but it is clealry yet another distraction for the opposition parties and the media to beat us about the head with. In Harriet's case I really dont know what more she could have done as she accepted money from a regular known Party donor and assumed that all the checks were made centraly which is exactly what I would assume!
This is undeniably all very sloppy by the Party and the General Secretary has gone as a result. I really dont know what the answer is as I dont agree with state funding of political parties but do think that strick caps need to be put on election expenses. If anyone believes that the Lib Dems are sticking to any expenditure caps in Riverside they must believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy!! All Political parties arev at fault and they all need to sort it out although the system is much more transparent than it ever was under Thatch!

And so Alex McLeish has gone to Birmingham. I am not really surprised as he has always preferred club management and with the trebling of his salary and a club which he should easily take to mid table and build on next season it is a good job. Added to that Scotland are hardly left in the lurch with no qualifying games for the best part of a year and it really was a bit of a no brainer for him!
Gary McAllister appears to be an early favorite at 2/1 an would be a popular choice I think amongst fans but I note that John Collins is in the betting at 16/1 fairly well down the order but this may not be a rushed decision and the odds may well change over the next few weeks and months.

Hibs are rumoured to be interested in bringing ex-Hearts man Alan Maybury back to Edinburgh from Leicester City in January so it looks like plugging up the defence is a priority for John Collins thank goodness!