Monday, November 05, 2007

Tories focus on low tax and immigration shock!! and Hibs drop points to Hearts!!

In a real shocking turn, the Tories focussed on immigration and low taxes over the past week!!! Whatever next?? It is interesting to see that whatever they proport to represent in the new Cameron spun Tory party the default position is always immigration and taxes and of course it can get them into trouble!! Another Tory Candidate being forced to stand down after commenting that "Enoch Powell was right!". this is the danger that cameron will always have, turn a bit reactionary and all the old skeletons come out of the closet !!!
Harriet celebrates 25 years as an MP this week and we will be at Portcullis House to celebrate with her in what has been a very good year!! With 5 jobs and the highest labour majority in London there will be much to celebrate!!!

I have another hectic week in and out of the Town Hall with OSC tonight and Housing forums and T&RA meetings all week!!
It is pretty much like this all the way through to Mid December!!!

Dad was at Easter Road yesterday and I watched the derby match at home. It was a classic brains against brawn encounter with Hibs on top with the brains in the first half but muscled out by brute strength in the second, not helped by a referee who allowed blatant shirt pulling all match without once blowing up, including Fletcher being hauled down in the box and Lewis Stevenson bodychecked in the box in quite a ridiculously blatant manner !!! In reality Hibs were less that sharp in the final third and should have tied the game up after some comedy Hearts defending but overall probably not an unfair result!!