Monday, October 29, 2007

Tories play dangerous game with Independance, Camberwell interests English Heritage and Hibs lose again with 10 men again!"!!!!

The SNP had their Conference this weekend with that bufffoon Salmon and his sidekick Spurgeon making clear their plans for a referendum on Independance even although they have little chance of geting it through!! The key thing is for the other parties to hold ranks on this and surprise suproise it is the " Unionist" Tories who now appear to be giving them support. this through Rifkind's stupid ideas about an English Constitutional Committee. Harriet made a good point on the Andrew Marr show when she asked if she could vote on fishing policy as there were no trawlers in Peckham!!! All this of course from a man who imposed the Poll Tax on Scotland, was licked out and now represents Kensington and Chelsea!! I ask you!!!!! This is all grist to the seperatists mill and is a very dangerous game which could result in the break up of the United Kingdom!!!

News that English Heritage are interested in investing in the buildings around camberwell green due to it's key strategic nature (wish the Lib Dem/Tort Executive understood that!!!) . This is really exciting news and could be yet another indicator of the regeneration of Camberwell, all done in spite of this Administration and not because of it!!!
I feel very positive about the future for Camberwell as I feel that there is once again a momentum building up that we need to harness and direct over the next few years!!!

Somewhat unsurprisingly Hibs lost again, lose one and they seem to lose the plot for a while!! Really unprofessional and is always our undoing!!
We gave away a stupid goal in the first 15 mins when our Captain got into a tangle with our goalkeeper and once again we had a player sent off and had to try and get back into the game a man down!!! Not good and Collins really needs to show his Managerial metal to get them back on track!!
We are still third as Celtic, Rangers, Hearts and others all appear to be dropping poiunts all over the place!! Motherwell and Dundee Untied seem to be the in-form teams at the moment!!