Monday, October 15, 2007

Petition at Denmark Hill Station, Post Office dispute "over" and Scotland win again and close in on European Championship Finals place!!

I have just had an early start to the week handing out leaflets outside Denmark Hill Station with Val Shawcross, Veronica Ward and Peter John! there is a consultation process going on at the moment with one option being to cut off the London bridge loop to Denmark Hill. standing there at peak times makes you realise how busy that little station is as how disasterous it would be if it did not go through London Bridge, a major London transport hub! there was a great deal of interest and Veronica had to go back and get more leaflets so it should be a really good and positive Campaign!!
The Royal Mail strike is apparently almost settled but wildcat action continues. I have seen a lot of anti CWU press coverage and even a Face Book Group set up to tell them to get back to work!! I have to say that I have always suspected the Royal Mail Management of being out and out bullies and what I hear of this dispute my view has not changed!! There were reports of men turning up for work to be told that if they entered they were accepting the Management position!!! Outrageous and really the Government needs to interevene and tell those managers to sort themselves out!!! More power to the CWU and the Royal Mail Workers!!!!
Great story today about a High Court decesion not to allow the Tories to keep a £8.3M bequest given to them in the 1980's. His son said that he was "deluded and insane"
There is a classic quote from the High Court judge, who ruled that the Tories could not keep the money, said Mr Kostic would not have left the money to them if he had been "of sound mind"! No arguements from me on that score!!!

Scotland took another giant step towards the 2008 European Football Championships with a tremendous 3-1 win against a very good Ukrainian side, World Cup Quarter Finalists in 2006!

With 24 points we still may need another 4 out of 6 to qualify from Georgia away on Wednesday and of course World champions Italy at home in November!! There is no doubt that we have a really good sqaud with strength in depth who are confident but we could actually end up with 27 points in the Group and still come thrid!! Germany qualified on Saturday with 20 points!! Two more very nervous nights ahead !!!

Of course the Rugby World Cup continues to surprise with England's excellent performance in beating France on Saturday. They are clearly not the best team in the tournament but may prove to be the best competition team?
Meanwhile South Africa saw off Argentina rather easier that I suspected but it seemed that it all caught up withu the Pumas who looked exhausted at the start of the second half and it was pretty clear from them that there would only be one winner. A really interesting final looms with everyone in Engalnd pretending to be rugby fans but not understanding any of the rules and only knowing Jonny Wilkenson's name!! Roll on Saturday!!