Friday, October 26, 2007

A Night at the Blue Elephant!, Camberwell on the Up? and a great night at the Emirates!!

Chris, Dora and I spent last night at the Press Night for the new production "Behind the Mirror" at the Blue Elephant Theatre in Bethwin Road! We all had a great time and we really are lucky to have the Theatre in the Ward and appreciate the hard work and commitment of Jasmine, the Director and Chris, Trustee Chair is making it work so well!!
It was also good for Chris, Dora and to get out as well and we have decided on a new policy of getting to know the social side of our belove Camberwell Green Ward as much as we know the Estates and streets!!
Our Camberwell Community Council next week will be decising on the Cleener Greener Safer Funds of this year and we met last week to draw up a likely list. I thing that we have done well to spread the resources across the CCC area both in terms of geography and types of project and hopefully allocate funds which will draw in further external resources and so make our money go further?
Of course half the applying groups will be unhappy and i do think that the funds available needs a hefty increase, at least up by 25% next year for us to attempt to meet the increasing expectations from the local communities. In truth to fund all applications would have taken more than 5 times the allocation not to mention the increased Officer resources toi make it happen. We are lucky in Camberwell to have Ruth Davies and Jeremy Linden whom I have a lot of confidence in and have a close hands on working relationship with!! They certainly earn their money!!
The Camberwell Green Public toilet is eventually open and the lights have been fixed to the central tree on the Green for switch on. We will hopefully get some CGS money for the Green and there seems to be a lot of residential and commercial activity in Camberwell so I am hopeful for the future it just needs to be harnessed and controlled as well as being encouraged so that the whole diverse community of camberwell benefits not just the affluent few!
Yesterday's Southwark News had an article about Lib Dem Councillor Paul Baichoo and his non-appearance at Council Meetings. He is apparently unwell and of course his health must be his first concern and I wish him well as I have always had a good working relationship with him.
However I cant help feeling that some of his absences are due to his growing disatisfaction with his party shown by his breaking of the whip no fewer than 3 times in as many months and I am sure that that will not go away? I am led to believe that to avoid the triggering of a Bye Election he was picked up a well known Lib Dem Party hack( I am sure you can guess who!!), driven to the Community Council Planning Meeting for 10 minutes to sign-in, and then driven back home effectively turning the clock back to zero!!! The interview was a strange one as it started on Paul's health and then went on to his unwillingnes to be seen as a Councillor???? All very strange!!!!! I wish Paul well and a speedy recovery on all fronts!!!
On Tuesday I went with my friend Tsui to the Emirates for my first full match and saw Arsenal equal the Champions League beating Slavia Prague 7-0! It was a great night and a fantastic performance as well as great to catch up with Tsui and James!!! Back to earth at Easter Road as Hibs take on st. Mirren tomorrow, should be an easy win (we beat them 5-1 in the corresponding fixture last year!) but need to see how the players react to last week's first defeat of the season?