Friday, October 05, 2007

November Election? Freshers Fair at Hondon Met and Hibs to complete stadium rebuid!

Over the weekend Gordon Brown will decide whether to call a General Election on Tuesday for a November 1st Poll or not.
Today's opinion polls show a "Tory Bounce" after their Conference but it will be interesting to see if it slips back with in days as I fully expect it to?

The issue of Inheritance tax is a possible vote winner for them and we will have to be mindful of that and perhaps look at how we manage that at the moment?
I was of the view that there would not be an early poll, then was convinced that there would be after Conference and now just dont know!! For selfish reasons I would be happy for more time and a a poll in May 2008 but have to say a short campaign now would be quite exceiting!!

It has been busy at London Met with the Freshers Fair and just finished the final day 30 minutes ago!!
It is always good fun to do and it is really my only chance to meet face to face with thousands of students so worthwhile doing!! But gald it's over!!!

As Hibs prepare to take on Rangers this weekend they finally announced the final part of the Stadium rebuild with a new East Stand to take the capacity upto 20,000 with an opening for the start of next season! It will be a really nice ground when complete and the new stand wil really add to the atmosphere!! Cant wait!!

On Sunday Scotland play the Rugby World Cup Quarter Final against Argentina so it will be another nail biting night for me in front of the telly!!!!


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