Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pre Budget Statement and a long night at OSC!!

Alistair Darling's Pre Budget Statement

I heard most of it and thought that it was very clever as it did rather take the wind out of the Tory sails and did tackle the problem area of Inheritance tax which appeared to be a key element in the good Tory polls recently.
At the end of the day no one will care whose idea it was just that it is seen to be fairer!!
Growth forecast cut by 0.5%
Tax receipts down by £1.8bn, public sector net borrowing up by £4.3bn
Inheritance tax threshold raised to £600,000 for married people or those in civil partnerships
Crackdown pledged on "non-domicile" tax payers
10% tax rate on private equity capital gains abolished so private equity bosses pay more
Green taxes on flights not passenge
rs from 2009

When the General Election is called it will be a clear choice the two men opposite and their competence and I am confident that the great British public will make the right choice!!!!

It was a long night at OSC on Monday where we questioned Columbo Blango, always a less than than enlightening experience and we also discussed the Camberwell Lesiure Centre and Newington Reference Library. All in all a good night for the Labour Group members who offer the only real Scrutiny in the Town Hall with the Lib Dems and Tories stitching things up ahead of the meetings!!
Once again it became clear how little knowledge and understanding Blango has about his brief and we cant even embarrass him as his personal arrogance just blanks out all the criticism! We presssed him on personal assurances but he also showed that he is incapable of making a decision and prevaricated on even the simplest of requests!!! Quite depressing really!!
The Report back from the Camberwell Baths Group was a lot more positive with officers now apparently fully behind the full developement of Camberwell Leisure Centre!! Jenny Agutter was there lending support again and there is now a clear programme to provide an Officer to work on putting together and submiting bid and reviewing development proposals ahead of a report back to Executive next february at the latest!! Something we can really hold them to!!!
Scotland prepare for the crucial final 3 games of the European Championship Qualifiers with a home game against Ukraine, away against Georgia and a final home game against World Cup Winners Italy!! I think that we probably need to win both games but a win and a draw will keep us in there, all depends how France get on in their matches!! It would be great if both sides were already through by the last game as it would save me from another very nervous night!!


Anonymous said...

A fat officious bastard in Camberwell!

Cllr. John Friary Blog said...

A thoughtful and helpful contribution to the debate from an brave anonymous reader!!
Not sure what I am being officious about? Redeveloping Camberwell Leisure Centre, saving Newington Reference Library or holding the Lib Dem/ Tory Executive to account? Please tell me?


Anonymous said...

Well played John. Most would've just deleted that but I'm laughing. Very gracious on your part.

Anonymous said...

Oh and I don't have an account but I'm a different anonymous than the first one. (Kim)

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