Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Boris, a Safety Conference, Broadstairs and Hibs race for 3rd place!

Well it has been quite a week for me but all overshadowed by the nightmare at city Hall with "Bonkers Boris" now in the "driving seat" for the next 4 years!! Of course Tory Central Office with have at least one and perhaps both hands on the steering wheel as Boris spends all day trying to decide which tie to wear! If it was not so politically incorrect I might make reference to lunatics and asylums but I better not!
The results also worryingly showed the BNP in 4th place not far behind the Greens and of course they now have a GLA Seat! What is going on? I cant believe that it is all down to the unpopularity of the Government? Good to see Paddick get less than a third of the other two candidates and the Lib Dems only just get 3 on the GLA, losing 2 seats with Caroline Pidgeon squeaking in!
I know that it sounds like "apart from that Mrs Lincoln did you enjoy the play?" but we held on to our seats and grabbed one back and as far as Southwark and Lambeth is concerned Val Shawcross quadrupled her majority in a result which really bucked the national results.
We worked very hard during the Campaign and on the day itself and my flat was the Camberwell Green Committee Room and we had fantastic support from party members on the day and the voters in Camberwell Green. No Lib Dem Candidate was elected in a Constituency which really speaks volumes about where they are going!! A great result locally but oh Boris!!! I wonder how many sleepless nights he will give Cameron before the General Election is called?

Just before the Election I attended the Universities Safety and Health Annual Conference in London which I really enjoyed and which gave me a couple of days rest before Election Day.

We ended the Conference with a trip on the London Eye which I had not done for a number of years!

I then spent the Bank Holiday weekend at Broadstairs with my old Councillor friend and Alderman, Ian Driver and his family and took my 7 year old god- daughter Shauna with me. It was a good break but we stayed up for the declaration from City Hall at around midnight!
There was lots of sun sea and sand and I am very red as a result!

Hibs fought out a decent 0-0 draw with Rangers on Sunday so third place is still on but it will all come down to a head to head with Motherwell on the last day of the season!