Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hoisted on my own petard and the Wedding of the Year!

I recieved a bit of well deserved flack last night from the Lib Dems after my previous Blog bemoaning the tedious Constitutional Council Assembly last night!! In truth it was quite enjoyable and reasonably good natured so I had to take it on the chin.
I even laughed at Richard's Thomas's jibe about Hibs!! Good to see he is regaining his sense of humour!!

I thought that we made all the right points about keeping some key strategic decisions for Council Assembly and bringing back real accountability and democracy to the Town Hall but not surprisingly it all fell on deaf ears!!
Anyway not nearly as tedious as I had expected apart from the voting at the end that it!

I shall be spending most of Sunday in Liverpool at the Wedding of the Year as Ashwin and Alison get married and Chris and I will have a role in the Milni Ceremony beforehand so I am really loooking forward to it!
pics on the Blog next week!!
Looking forward to a weekend in the European City of Culture as well!!

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