Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Camberwell Green Tree Lights, a visit to the Hornimans and Mayor Making and Constituional Council Looms on the night of the Champions League Final!!

I attended an unveiling last evening of the Camberwell Green Tree Lights Plaque which explains the background to them being installed.

Whilst the Street Drinking problem has not gone away the multi-agency approach to problem solving was very positive and the situation is much improved on what was before! particular credit has to go to the then Camberwell Safer Neighbourhood team and PC Tim Otway who spent many hours and days on the "coal face" tackiling this long established problem!

I took Shauna to the Hornimans which is fast becoming my, and her, favourite place in South London.
The Aquarium is always interesting but there is also a bee colony with perspex walls to observe the colony in action.
There is currently a really good exhibition on Indian music and in one of the pics Shauna is drawing the Taj Mohal to display on the wall. In the other picture she is hanging around in Camberwell Green !
A monumentally tedious evening looms with the Mayor Making and Annual Constitutional Council on the same evening on Wednesday! We argued against it at last CA but the Lib Dems and Tories agreed and now are apparently whining about it. The re-write of the Constitution will ensure a long night even if they move everythuing to the vote and the whole meeting looks likely to turn into a complete shambles with no invites being given out and a major clash wuith the Champions League Cup Final!!
looks like Cllr. Blango will be a no show (no surprise there) and perhaps another couple of disgruntled Lib Dems who have not been given the SRA they were expecting? As I have said previously management by SRA will always come back to bite you and Stanton may get a nasty flesh wound on Wednesday? perish the thought that any of this bunch were actually in it for the politics!