Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Wedding of the Year in Liverpool,the European City of Culture, and CGS Decision Time!...and Hibs to play Barcelona at Murrayfield!

Just back from a fantastic Bank Holiday Weekend in Liverpool at the Wedding of Ashwin and Alison held in the magnificent Liverpool Town Hall.
The journeys there and back were not without incident as it took 5 hours each way due to Main Lines being closed and some kids threw a concrete block through our trains window which added another hour onto the journey and a lucky escape for the driver. it happened just outside Crewe so not sure if I can read anything onto that after last week's By-Election?

I had a bit of time to do some sightseeing including the Cavern Club of course and Albert Dock. lots of pictures on the Facebook site!

There was lots of European City of Culture stuff going on, in particular a street theatre festival so the City Centre was very active and vibrant the whole weekend.

Of course the main event on Sunday was the wedding itself and Chris Page and I were honoured to be asked by Ashwin and Alison top "compere" the Milni Ceremony where the 2 families exchange garlands. I sold us as the "Ant and Dec of the Southwark Labour Group without the phone rigging" and we got through it without any major pronunciation problems!

It was a really brilliant day and a real privilege to have been there! I of course wish Ashwin and Alison a very happy future together and am lucky to have a pair of good friends like them!

In the Merseyside Maritime Museum I spotted this Titanic Lifebelt and thought of Nick Stanton as he tries to keep afloat with the hugely expensive move to what I call "The Tooley Street Titanic" but he is not losing too much sleep as the Iceberg is still 2 years away!
In saying that there is mutiny amongst the ranks with Columbo Blango "on holiday" for the Constitutional Council and Helen Jardine-Brown going AWOL for the Mayoral Vote apparently screeching "I can't do it!!"
Nick may be very lucky not to get himself keel-hauled before too long if he is not very careful, even with Chief Petty Officer Humphries minding his back?

The Camberwell Labour Councillors are meeting this week to discuss this year's CGS bids and as usual we have bids costing more than 3 times the money available . I do think that the money available has to be increased perhaps to £500,000 with staff costs not included so that all the money can go into actual improvements. I also think that money should be allocated on a needs basis rather than the crass 8 way split that happens currently!
The Community Fund Bidding is also up and running at the moment and I hope to get something for the Camberwell Green Fair that we plan to resurrect and hold in August?
Good news that Hibs are to play Barcelona at Murrayfield on Thursday 24th July.
We follow that up with games against Middesborough on Saturday August 2nd and Wigan on Tuesday 5th August.
I really cant mis the Barcelona Game so will be going up for that and the link below of the last great encounter 44 yeasr ago:
Bring them on!!!!!!