Monday, December 21, 2009

More evidence of Southwark failing, Alison selected, BPK re-run, back in Scotland and Stokes wins it for Hibs again!!

Southwark News covered the story this week of the apparently unstoppable slide of Southwark Council from an improving borough to one of the worst performing in the Country!! Looks like the Tory/Lib Dem Administration have aready given up and are treading water until they are booted out in May, just a pity that Southwark Residents have another 5 months to suffer of this pathetic bunch!!
Fantastic news about my good friend and Camberwell Councillor collegue Alison McGovern who on Saturday was selected by her home Constituency of Wirral South as their PPC at next year's Generasl Election!! Congratuations to her and good news for the people of Wirral South!!
The Brunswick Park Ward Party have decided to re-open the Shortlist and Selection process and obviously I shall be putting my name forward. I have no expectations from this and wil have to put my case on an equal basis with the other canidadates but hopefully it will all be sorted out by Mid-January and I shall know my fate!
I am back homne in a very cold and wintery Edinburgh for the Christmas and New Year Break! Good battery charging exercise for the rigours of the first half of 2010!!
Hibs and Anthony Stokes going great guns with an excellent 2-0 victory over a very good Aberdeen side at Pittodrie on Saturday! Rangers next at Easter Road!
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Anonymous said...

" good news for the people of Wirral South"

This is not good news for the people of Wirral South whu would prefer a candidate who has resided in the area, knows what the local issues are, and has not been parachuted in from a London borough.

McGovern has admitted that she is clueless about local issues in Wirral because she stated that she is keen to learn what they are.

Labour have made a serious mistake in their choice of candidate for this constituency.

With the decreasing Labour majority in this constituency at every election since 1997, the fact that this is a normally Conservative leaning swing constituency, and the fact that the current administration is deeply unpopular, and the fact that the current incumbent has been disgraced and is not running again, it is most inevitable that the citizens of Wirral South will have to endure being represented by a Tory in the next Westminster Parliament.

It would therefore be good for the councillors on the London Borough of Camberwell to keep McGovern's seat warm there for after the Westminster election, where no doubt she is doing a very good job, and will need it after her predictable loss in the Wirral South constituency.

Anonymous said...

Make that "councillors on the London Borough of Southwark" (not Camberwell).

Anonymous said...