Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Town Hall problems, OSC, London Met in trouble and Hibs keep on winning!!

More signs perhaps of the wheels falling off at Southwark with the very critical Report from the Care Quality Commission and the Secretary of State making Southwark "a priority for improvement"! This follows on the from the Audit Commissions "Red Flagging" Southwark Housing, two major areas of work where Southwark are clearly failing!!!

I spent over 5 hours at the Town Hall at OSC going over the Elephant and Castle deal with Lend Lease in fine detail, well as much detail as we had which was not very much really!!
The crunch time is with the Regeneration Agreement due next March 2010 just ahead of the Elections and we plan to spend a lot of Scrutiny time between now and then going over it as it is the point of no return. There is an argument for not taking any such decision without the endorsement of the new Administration so i hope that sense will prevail and that there will be no mad run to sign ahead of that and risk repenting at leisure!!
Lots of worries about London Met University with HEFcE , the Governors and Executive at loggerheads! There are lots of very good people at London Met and it would be a real tragedy if they had to go in order to tie up loose ends!! a real high price to pay!!
The Indie reported it yesterday

Hibs had another good win against a good Motherwell side on Saturday and still doggedly hanging on to 3rd spot ahead of the crunch time over the Festive break!! Hope to see them a couple of times including against the Gers!
Match report below: