Friday, April 13, 2007

Paraskevidekatriaphobia and Hibs Dressing Room Unrest - Micheal Stewart First out???

The superstitious will welcome the sighting of a black cat on Friday the 13th.
DO YOU suffer from paraskevidekatriaphobia? This long-winded word is not a wind-up, but the psychological term for the morbid and irrational fear of Friday the 13th. There is a good article in the Scotsman on the origins of fear of Friday 13th!

Today an entirely football blog as my team are currently involved in more intrigue than any politicians could be!!!

John Collins spent yesterday talking to players and the press and was pretty strong in defence of his managment style but accepted that a few players were unhappy and stirring things up. An Evening News piece from Captain Rob Jones seemed to confirm trouble in the Camp and that the players meeting Rod Petrie, the Chief Executive, had not been a good idea and may have backfired on the players.
The Hibees-Mad website today carries the following story:
"Rumours have been spreading like wild fire since late last night, that Stewart's time at Hibs had come to an abrupt end, as part of the fall out of the Collins v dressing room fiasco that has engulfed the club this week.According to reports in the Glasgow media this week, the Hibs first team squad demanded a meeting with chairman Rod Petrie with a view to getting the Hibs manager John Collins the sack. Apparently the squad don't like both his training and dietary schedule.The papers claim the manager has lost his dressing room.Now it seems that Michael Stewart is the first casualty of the fall out. The rumour was first aired on a Glasgow based radio station's phone in and it now seems that it's been confirmed here in Edinburgh.A local Edinburgh radio station is running the story in its news reports and it now seems the Hibernian career of Michael Stewart is over.Stewart's contract was up at the end of the season, so Hibs won't cop too much of a compensation fee.Controversy has followed the player throughout his career, He was part of bust up at Nottingham Forest when he was punched by one of his own team mates, David Johnson, on the training ground.It is also alleged that Michael Stewart is the ring leader of the whole problem down at Easter Road."

If true it is a real shame as I liked Stewart and he was not far from a full Scotland Call-up but he has been left out since before the Cup Final and no it is no real surprise that he is one of the disaffected!
It seems like the blood letting has began??? All this 2 days before a Cup Semi-Final!!!! Things are not looking good for Sunday although Collins has been clever by suggesting that he will put out the 11 players that won the CIS Insurance Cup 4 weeks ago!! Clever move!!!