Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lib Dem snouts sniffing out trough again!! and Hibs blow it again!!!!

Sadly but somewhat inevitably rumour abound that the Lib Dems plan to up Members Allowances by upto 20% adding another £200,000 onto the £1M + budget already being spent!!!
They are the highest paid group in London and one of the highest paid in the Country and in fact have used allowances to keep their side in check, in the last Administration all but 2 Lib Dems had Special Responsibility Allowance(SRA)!!! and of coure they haave had problems since the elections last May as they have had to giove more Community Council Chairs to the Labour Group so they how have a problem with a number of their side clamouring for more tax payers cash and no positions to give them!! Whatever can they do??? Well they can create new positions with SRA like the new Audit Committee, and of course they can replace Labour members with their own, a threat that they have made to us a number of times over the year and clearly something that is in their mind for the future!!!

Helpfully even Lib Dem blogger Andy Mayer has found some new Lib Dems in need of an SRA!!

The Labour Group has consistently called for Members Allowances to be reduced , my own view is that they are probably around 20% above the average but if another 20% hike goes through it will put us in the proud position of having the highest paid Councillors in the Country!! what a proud boast that will be? I wonder of it will earn us any CPA points???

Andy also had this picture of the Blessed Simon Hughes MP (for it is he!!!) at a local school. Rumours are that when asked what would need to happen for the Lib Dems to run he Country he replied that pink elephants would need to be visible with the naked eye from the school playground!!! How helpful and educational at the same time!

Not very surprisingly Hibs blew their chance of another Cup Final and a UEFA Cup place!! I predicted a 0-0 game a for us to lose on the penalty shoot out and I was close! We dominated large parts of the game, missed lots more chances, on top of those missed in the first game and then gave away a stupid penalty 3 minutes from the end ! Game Over!!! The picture is of Hogg who gave the penalty away but the blame does not all lie with him!
So what is the most annoying part, the fact that we have now lost our 3rd Cup Semi Final in succesion, none against the Old Firm (the only real excuse for not making it!!), the fact that after being second top scoring team all season, we have only scored four in 5 games, the fact that we have been beaten twice and failed to score in 3 games against a team who are likely to be relegated this season, or that for the fifth game in a row we have lost critical goals in the last 10 minutes of each game!!
The Players revolt has to have had an effect to change the team so much over the period of a month and I am sure that some of those players will have played their last game for Hibs!! it was clear how furious john collins was lst night and some players I am sure will pay for it!! Rumours suggest as many as 15 players being shown the door!! A real Night of the Long Knives but really i dont have much sympathy for any of them involved in the revolt as they have cost Hibs dear this season !!! Next seasons team will hardly be recognisable from what was on the field last night!!

The one bright performance was once again Scott Brown the best player on the field by a long way and apprently Everton, Newcastle and Middlesborough have joined Bolton and Rangers for him and the price may go upto £10M which will see off Rangers anyway which is a good thing! Rumours are about that Bolton are looking at Murphy who I believe would be a very good Premiership player, they must have a full time scout at Easter Road as they seem to want most of the team!!!