Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lib Dems still dont understand their own policies and Hibs in Crisis??

Scottish Lib Dem Leader Nicol Steven launched the Lib Dem Manifesto yesterday and ran straight into a hostile response from the assembled Journalists over the Lib Dem policy of replacing Council Tax with a Local Income Tax! In the last General Election Charles Kennedy blew a gaskett as he could not explain how it was going to work or the fact that many of the Lib Dem target voters would be worse off, now Steven could not explain how people with inherited property and wealth would be exempt from paying any tax!! They clearly still dont understand one of their own key policies!!! Quite incredible!!!!!!
Interestingly he saved all his criticism for the SNP, obviously not wanting to offend the Labour Party whom he hoped to be working with and no doubt hoping for a top job on the Executive!!!!!
Alex Salmon launched the SNP Manifesto today with, guess what?... replacing the Council Tax with a Local Income Tax, 3p in the pound (at least he has worked out a figure which is more than the Lib Dems have ever been able to do!). This policy will be a biig problem for bopth parties as they dont understand wh\at it means and it does not make any sense!!!
I sent this electronic postcard to Andy Mayer telling him that I have the adoption form so I hope to adopt a Kune Kune very soon!!! It also plays "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"

Meanwhile at Easter Road a crisis has emerged out of nowhere with apparently 18 players asking the Cheif Executive to sack the Manager, John Collins, less than a month after winning the CIS Insurance Cup!! The fans are very much behind the Manager but their is clearly a problem which Collins needs to sort ouit today when he speaks to all of the palyers collectively and individually. If it is not sorted out we will go straight into a Semi Final defeat on Sunday and a promising season will be ruined!! Sort it out John !!!!! ...please!!!!!
To lighten the mood the following link takes you through to some great You Tube moments of the Cup Final!!! Enjoy!!!!!