Friday, April 06, 2007

Scottish Parliament Elections Campaign in full swing

I have just contacted my parents local Labour Councillor and candidate Billy Fitzpatrick to offer some time over the past week to canvass for him in the local areas.
I am studying the Edinburgh Labour Party Election Manifesto 2007 to find out what the local issues are.
The leaflets are already coming through the door including the pathetic Lib Dems with the same old tricks, designed like a Newspaper "North & Leith Times" (no mention of "Focus" and no yellow letterhead!)with no mention of the fact that it is from the Lib Dems apart from p&p, and of course the bar charts with "it's a two horse race" nonsense cynically trying to get Tory and SNP voters to vote for them, as an anti Labour vote! They are no unsure of their own policies that they always have to repy on other party supporters voting for them!! The leaflet has lots of smiling punters who used to vote Labour but are voting Lib Dem because...eer....eer... anyway voting Lib Dem as apparently they work hard all the year round and not just at Elections?????!! This from the most cynical election machine in this Country, you really have to laugh at their nerve and hypocrisy!!!
Good news in an Opinion Poll today suggesting Labour have gone ahead of the Scots Nats as the Campaign gets underway!! There is lots of concern at the possibility of the SNP coming out on top but the opinion polls, as demonstrated by the graph, suggest a historically consistent 10 point lead for Labour (Labour in Red, Scots Nats in Blue, Lib Dems in Yellow and Tories in Light Blue). The SNP have been 3-5 points ahead of Labour recently but it looks like we are now taking the top spot again as people I think begin to understand the full implications of voting for the Nationalists!
The Lib Dems and Tories are nowhere, scratching around at 10% each, and a complete irrelevance in Scotland, unfortunately the PR system in place may give the Lib Dems once again a position of power completely disproportionate to their support in the Country and once again have these incompetents sharing power in Scotland!!!

Hibs are offering the chance to have your picture taken with the Cup so I may have to pursuade dad to do it with me! The Cup Semi Final is just over a week away so the tensioin is mounting!! Perhaps I should wait for a picture with both Cups??