Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Circle of Life??.....and Meercat Manners????

I have been mentioned again in Lib Dem Blogger Andy Mayer's site with reference to his visit to Battersea Zoo and his decision to adopt a Meercat. Andy always refers to me as excitable but it always looks to me that the Meercats are the excitable, and nervous, ones? I could mention sheep or lap dogs as a more appropriate animal to adopt but that would spoil the mood!!
He has helpfully suggested that I adopt something called a Kune Kune which looks a bit like a Wart Hog and I have to say that I am very tempted so will be contacting Battersea Zoo upon my return!!
If you examine my profile you will see that I was born in the Chinese Year of the Boar or Pig (2007 is the Year of the Golden Boar/Pig!)
As a devotee of all things Lion King, film, Stage Show, DisneyLand Show etc. I can help but be drawn to the close relationship of a Meercat and Wart Hog in that film and can see the start of a beautiful frienship developing!!!

I have responded to his Blog below:

Many thanks for your recommendation for adoption, I seriously might take it up!
I did adopt a penguin at Edinburgh Zoo during my student days and I do like the look of the Kune Kune (have never heard of it before!) thanks for the recommendation. Might call it Andy!!
As you can see working in the Scottish Elections I am in a more fraternal mood with Lib Dems as it looks like we will be forming an Administration together after May 3rd. Good luck with the Meercat!
I could be the Pumba to your Timon! What do you think?
Best Wishes