Thursday, June 11, 2009

Elections and Rebellions, Constitutional Reform and "Yogi" is eventually Hibs Manager

Probably wisely I took the opportunity to go to Edinburgh to visit the family the day after the Elections on Thursday!
Clearly a bad day all round but the Press really were determined to build it up as disastrous and catastrophic whilst their own analysis suggested something less!
The low turnout was largely due to Labour voters staying at home as they could not bring themselves to vote for any other party! This suggests that they are not lost forever an we can reclaim them next year!
The Press even suggested that Labour had "let in" the BNP, clearly we were responsible for that as well! As well as the bad polls and the expenses scandal which has really deeply affected UK voters confidence in politicians the complete lack of engagement with the Euro Elections is a real problem across all Member States and perhaps the new MEP's can earn their £90K jobs by working out how they make themselves more relevant to the voters?
The rebellion stuff was very strange and incompetent and just plain stupid, and whilst most wont be missed John Hutton and James Purnell are both very capable and will be a loss to the Cabinet, just dont understand what they are playing at?
James spoke at last year's Southwark Labour Party Conference and was very good and very loyal at that time and inspirational so I am sad to see him leave the stage and him and John Hutton have no way back unless we lose the General Election!!
Harriet has never been off the box and has performed brilliantly in the face of very tough questioning, a real star in the Cabinet and deserves the Deputy PM position.
Have to say Lord Mandy was also very good especially with his yes/no answers to Andrew Marr when accused of taking too long to answer. A bit childish but I liked it!!
Important that Brown gets back onto Policy and deals with the Constitutional Reform but I hope that he stays well away from PR for Westminster which will probably ensure BNP MP's!

Great news that John "Yogi" Hughes was eventually appointed as Hibs Manager after being after the job for a number of years! He wants to keep hold of Fletcher and Jones but I think that they will both be off, especially Fletcher if Mowbray is appointed Celtic Manager as expected!