Monday, June 01, 2009

Euro Election Campaigning, Constitutional Reform, Shauna's 8th Birthday and Mixu leaves Hibs!

We enter the final week of the European Election Campaign and I was out door knocking in South Camberwell yesterday with a pretty good response!

Clearly the opinion polls are looking very bad for us and the current expenses rows are not helping any of the "major" parties with real concern that the "nutters" of UKIP or the BNP will do well and send the next 4 years representing the UK in the European Parliament which will be an absolute disgrace and embarrassment!!
For us it is just about putting out the clear message and reminding people of how much the Labour Government has achieved since 1997 and what we could return to if we dont win a 4th Term!!
I watched Gordon Brown of the Andrew Marr Show yesterday and actually thought that he did surprisingly well and absolutley agreed with him of the need for Constitutional Reform especially around fixed term governments and allowing 16 year olds to vote. Also agreed with him that MP's need a Constituency tie so I dont agree with PR for the General Election!!
We do need to get on with it as I am not sure that saving it all up for our Manifesto as it will not be a big vote winner and we just need to get on with it as I dont trust Cameron to follow through on any of it if we were to lose!!
I spent Saturday at Shauna's 8th Birthday with face painting, musical chairs , a Pinada and of course lots of Wii!!
Cant believe she is 8!!!
My friend Ian Wingfield is 50 this week so will be giving him my gift and card before going to Scotland on Friday!
I was never really convince by Mixu and felt that we needed a new Manager but he saved the day by resigning yesterday so we are looking for a replacement with John Hughes top of the list and probably inevitably the next Hibs Manager!"!"