Friday, June 19, 2009

Talking CCTV Fiasco, Sacred Heart celebrates 50 years, the Camberwell Arts Festival begins and the P&P Green League 2009 published!!!

Southwark News carried a nice piece on the Talking CCTV Fiasco and a nice editorial with Linda Manchester quoted as saying that they were being removed for efficiency reasons!! Nice cartoon too but article can be viewed below:,news,15428,185,00.htm
This has been a completer fiasco and an utter waste of £85,000!!
I was with Harriet Harman this morning on a visit to Sacred Heart RC School to Celebrate it's 50th Anniversary.
Harriet spoke to teaching staff in the morning and then to a class during Assembly.
It was a really good day in an "outstanding " school!!!

The Camberwell Arts Festival 2009 kicks of tomorrow with the "Big Event" in Myatts Field as a double celebration after it's £3M refurbishment!
Should be a good day in the sun and a great Festival!!

Dont often Blog about the day job but a big week for us this week with the People and Planet Green League 2009 Publication in the Times Higher Educational Supplement! After last year's third bottom place we worked hard over the past year and have moved up 28 places from 117 to 89 and points total has increased from 9.5 to 28.
Lots more to do but we are well up the "third" list so well on our way to a "two-two" next year!!
A good result and reason to be happy with our efforts over the past year!!