Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mr 10%, Camberwell Community Council crosses the border, Fones4Safety and Camberwell Arts Festival Launch!

After a week of media Labour bashing this week it is the Tories coming under the spotlight with Cameron's threat to reduce public spending by 10% which would be catastrophic for the provisions of services to vulnerable people in this country! At last the mists are clearing and the Tories "Age of Austerity" is beginning to clarify!! Good for us and very bad for the Tories exposing that behind the mealy mouth words of liberalism are the hard line "Thatcherites" ready to drag us all back to the 1980's where "greed was good" and there was "no such thing as society"!!

Rather pathetically the Lib Dems criticize them whilst working in coalition with them in Southwark and elsewhere and would no doubt form a pact from hell with them should there be a no overall majority after the next General Election, what a disgraceful unprincipled bunch the Lib Dems are!!!

There will be an interesting Camberwell Community Council tonight as it is taking place in Lambeth and is a joint meeting of the Southwark and Lambeth Community Councils covering Camberwell to discuss cross-border issues, problems and opportunities! Leaders of both Lambeth and Southwark Council are coming so should be very interesting!

In my day job capacity I went to the London Launch of Fones4Safety, a Southwark based scheme run through Elephant Jobs and CRISP, to recycle old mobiles and turn themn into emergency phones for women suffering domestic violence. A great idea and I hope to set it up in London Met over the summer.

Deputy Mayor Kit Malthouse launched it and I met my old ex-Councillor colleague and friend Steve Lancashire there.
Good to see previous Councillors like Steve, Nick Dolezal and Andy Simmons in the Long List as we need experience especially sorting out the mess that the Tory/Lib Dem Coalition will leave when they are kicked out of office next May!
On Saturday the Camberwell Arts Festival begins with the Big Event in Myatts Field celebrating the £3M redevelopment of the Park and launching the Festival so promises to be a great day! The Programme is below:
I have been on the Management Committee of the Camberwell Arts Festival in the past so take a keen interest and plan to see as much as I can including the Breakfast Preview of the End of Year Show at Camberwell College of Art!