Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I was pleased to see the election of John Bercow to the role of Speaker, not just because it pissed off the Tories no end but because he has been hthrough a real political journey, from hard right on the 1922 Committeee Repatriation Group through to being a virtual adviser to Gordon Brown and thought most liley to cross the floor!
It just shows how nasty and right wing those vindictive Tories are refusing to applaud his election and already threatening to replace him if they, god help us all!!, get into power! Have the Tories really changed? On this evidence it appears not!!!

In light of all the "expenses" interest good to see that Southwark has publicised Members Allowances for some time and as well as appearing in Southwark News you can look at expenses claimed over the past 3 years through the link below:
I attended the Camberrwell East Area Housing Forum on Monday with an item on the re-writing of the Tenancy Agreement which was an atrociously poor document with incomplete amendments and more seriously revisions aimed at seriously weakening tenants right the most serious being the abolition of Housing Arbitration! Despite numerous promises to the contrary from the Executive and in particular the Deputy Leader it looks like it is on the cards so we are trying to trip them up now to mobilise tenants against this right wing Tory led attack on their rights!!
I am off to Broadstairs on Friday to renew my acquaintance with the Broadstairs Stick so hoping for some nice weather, good beer and a nice ice cream at Morelli's!!
....oh and a bit of babysitting thrown in for good measure!
Looking forward to seeing Alderman Ian Driver and the family again!
Poor old Ian got into trouble with the local Planners over his shed: