Monday, August 13, 2007

Brown "Bounce" increases poll lead to 10%and Salmon presses ahead with White paper on Independance Referendum

An Opinion Poll published over the weekend shows a 10% Labour lead over the Tories, the highest for four and a half years showing that the Brown "Bounce" is more than a blip but a real sign of support coming back to Labour with a seriously divided Conservative Party and a hapless Lib Dem leadership , both leaking support on a daily basis. In some ways the flooding and foot and mouth crises have actually improved support for Gordon Brown as they have seen him in action, assured and responsive which is exactly what people want to see in their Leader!!! Lets have much more of the same!!!!!

Meanwhile back in cloud-cuckoo land of the SNP run Scottish Executive, the First Minister Alex Salmon plans to publish their White Paper on an Independance referendum and the BBC reported the release of a joint statement as follows:

"The three opposition parties, which will now jointly review the devolution settlement, opening the prospect of Holyrood gaining additional powers, made known their concerns in a strongly-worded joint statement.
"The SNP is squandering taxpayers' money in pursuit of their own narrow and failed agenda," it said.
"They have promised to build a consensus around the policies they will bring forward for debate in the Scottish Parliament. But this white paper can only create division and uncertainty which will damage Scotland."
'Inclusive document'
The statement continued: "The SNP have spoken about a national conversation but tomorrow's publication is about their nationalist crusade.
"We will listen, but we fear this will be less of a conversation than a one-way megaphone.
"We are deeply concerned that the proposals to be made by the SNP are only designed to drag the people of Scotland into a constitutional cul-de-sac.
"We will not give succour to those who want to end the Union."
A Scottish Executive spokesman suggested the opposition parties might be unclear about the nature of the white paper.
He said: "To some extent the opposition parties have misunderstood the nature of the document tomorrow which is a broad and inclusive document where clearly the government sets out its views about the best way forward and the best way to get that, but is very open to other voices and other views.
"Even before the document is published, the other parties are, collectively or individually, finding it impossible to ignore this process."

I think that this pre-emptive strike is exactly right as the SNP must not be allowed to squander Scottish Tax payers money discussing a referendum and Independeance when it is clear that there is no appetite for it and when there are so many mor pressing areas to spend time and money on!! Surely anyone who voted SNP in May must now se that they really are a one issue party and they will not be distracted, whatever the cost, from achieiving an Independant Scotland, whether the people of scotland want it or not!!! They have to be stopped and stopped now!!!!