Thursday, August 09, 2007

Exploring the Ediburgh Fringe 2007!!!!

I am up in Edinburgh during the Edinburgh Festival but I am more of a "Fringe" person than an "official" Festival goer!
The Edinburgh Fetsival and all the associated Film, Jazz, Book etc. etc. Festivals generate more than £75 Million for Edinburgh in three weeks so it really is of critical importance to the local economy and it shows no sign of letting up, it just gets bigger and bigger!! BBC reported that it would take 6 years to sit through every show from start to finish being performed this year!!
The population doubles to over 1 Million people and on top of all of that the weather is warm and sunny!!
All the pictures are just a bit of a random selection from this year's fringe to give all "non believers" a taste of what goes on!!

It really is a great time to visit Edinburgh but my thoughts are turning to Hibs first home game of the season against Gretna on Saturday. We should win after the great start away at Hearts !!! Roll on Saturday!!!!