Sunday, August 12, 2007

Crossing the Great Divide and Hibs win after early gitters!!

Being up in Edinburgh has given me time to reflect on my life experiences to date especially wiuth my 48th Birthday looming on the 29th of this month! Whilst the number 48 is not normally significant it is for me as it marks a 50/50 split in my life between Edinburgh and London (well England anyway!) as I left to study a post graduate Course at Aston University just fter my 24th Birthday and when I took up my 3 month post with Southwark Council in December 1984 my mum told me that it would do "until I found a proper job back in Edinburgh!"
I had no earthly idea that I would still be living in London in 2007 or that iwould be in my 14th year as a Southwark Council so I feel very fortunate with the people I have met and worked with over the last 24 years . I do plan to have a small celebration this year to mark the moment and the step into the great unknown!!!

The Festival in all it's guises is in full swing and the weather has been holding out so far!!
The Official Festival has begun this weekend and I think that the stagering of the Festivals makes good sense and realy wonder why it is not extended over the whole summer as there is certainly the appetite for it?

I went to Easter Road yesterday and witnessed Hibs get off to a very slow and sluggish start, so bad in fact that ten minutes into the second half we were 2-0 down and Benji has just had a weak penalty saved!!!
However when Fletcher and Zemmama were brought on things changed and Zemmama in particular saw us through to a 4-2 win (he is pictured above after scoring his second with a great free kick! - he was booked for taking his shirt off!!) there was a 14,000 crowd and we had very nice padded seats so all in all a good day after a nervous start. The Emirates and Easter Road down, Craven Cottage to go on Wednesday!!!
Hibs have signed 24 year old french midfielder Patrick Noubissie who was on loan at Livingston, and promptly gave him back to livingston on loan for another 3 months!