Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Lemsip Optic for Mayor and Success at Planning with Farmers Road

After my musings on the Lib Dems choosing Lemsip Optic as Mayoral candidate rumours are they have only gone and done it!!!
I know that my blog has reached cult status amongst Lib Dems but this is ridiculous!!
Does it not speak volumes for the Lib Dems and Tories that the best they can come up with is the Honourable Members for Transalvania Central and Burlington South as their best shots at Ken??? As I have said previously Dumb and Dumber come to mind!!!(happy to let you choose the order!!)
The serious point to make is that the Mayor of London is one of the top political jobs in this Counnrty leading one of the largest and greatest cities in the world and this is the best that they can come up with?? And they really want to be taken seriously???

On a brighter note wh had a good result at planning with the Farmers Road proposal being rejected on the basis of the loss of employment.
Anish Kapoor was a key objector and Steve peake from Synergy, Jeff from Anish's Workshops and I were the objectors at Committee. Hopefully we can continue to develop a cultural andarts Hub in the area and see more of Anish's work as pictured for a long time to come?

I do like the make up of the Planning committee, well chaired by James and with good members asking the right questions, especially Gordon who is brilliant!! I have just put my name down as a Labour Reserve as it is interesting with decent people. Must have been a nightmare in ther last Administration with Dr Ola ???
This afternoon I am going to the Elmington new tenants hall meeting to discuss where we go after we were refused last month. You see I even respect the Commitee when they decide the other was as they acted professionally and with clarity which is all you cn ask for!! i wish i could always say the same of Officers all the time!!!