Thursday, August 30, 2007

Southwark Lib Dems are Revolting, Nelson Mandela honoured and Hibs get past QP in CIS First Round!

News in Southwark news today of a crisis meeting between Lib Dem Councillors angry that the errant Exec Member for Health & Social care has not resigned and apparently even more angry at the stupid defending comments from their Leader!! apparently at least a third of the Group will call on her to resign at next week's meeting! The Mirror " Baddest Council in Britain!" has no doubt fuelled the flames? . There is a great quote from a Lib Dem "source" who says " A lot of Liberal Democrats don't think that the leader handled this particularly well, but the problem is that there is no one around to replace him!" another quote being "the leader's attempt to defend Cllr. Capstick on the basis that she didn't crash were "asinine" at best" - Clearly there is trouble at the Lib Dem Mill and the question is how long will the rest of that Group put up with this incompetence and chaos???
Yesterday was my 48th Birthday signifying 24 years in Scotland and 24 years in England!!! Spent the morning at work and went out for a nice Chinese meal and a drink !! - Just what I needed!!!

I was really sorry that I missed the unveiling of the Nelson Mandela statue in Parliament Square by the Prime Minister yesterday and the chance to see and hear this amazing 89 year old man speak with the same clarity and purpose that he has shown throughout his life!! Not surprisingly Westminster Tories tried to stop it (well thatcher did refer to him as a terrorist!!) but pleased that Ken made it happen!! Especially fitting in the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade!!!

Finally Hibs got through the first round defence of the CIS Cup with a 2-1 win over Queens Park with Phillipe Morias (pictured) scoring along with Fletcher!!
We have Inverness Caley at home on Saturday and they are a team that always cause us problems, especially with Brewster back fresh after scoring twice against us last Saturday with Aberdeen!!! Could be a tough one!!!!
Good exceuse for me to remember the famous local Newspaper headline when Inverness caley knocked Celtic out of the Scottish Cup some years back: "SUPER CALEY GO BALLISTIC CELTIC ARE ATROCIOUS!!!!!"
Best sporting headline ever!!!!!