Monday, May 21, 2007

Constitutional Council, Shadow Executive, Scottish Olympic Team and Hibs end the season with a win over Celtic!!!

The Annual Constitutional Council Assembly is on Wednesday with our new Mayor and lots of Lib Dem/Tory proposed amendments to the Constitution aimed at further curtailing proper debate and discussion and making the ruling Executive's lives easier!! oh... and by the way increasing their allowances by around 3 times what they plan to pay the Council staff!!!! They really do hate deputations and having to listen to criticism face to face so are trying to stop deputations coming to Council Assembly by diverting them to Community Councils and Executive. In the words of our glorious new Mayor "How much longer do we have to listen to this mob ranting at us?" ... not much longer if his chums get their way on Wednesday!
I was interviewed by the Labour Group Officers for a place on the Shadow Executive and tonight at the Labour Group AGM Part 2 recommendations will go to the vote. It is really good to see a number of the new members put themselves roward for positions within the Labour Group and we know already that we will have a new Deputy Leader is Susan Elan Jones, a new Chair in Mark Glover and a new Chief Whip with my Ward colleague Chris Page taking over from Paul Bates. I fully expect more changes tonight and see that as a very positive and healthy position, especially as juxtaposed against the Lib Dems wheer the same old tired bunch remain in control despite serious and continued unrest amongst their members!!

On the wider politics front the first Hustings took place for Deputy Leader of the Labour Party in Coventry and this will be the only political story over the next 6 weeks to discover who will be Brown's Deputy. Harriet looks good in the nominations and the polls so I am positive about her chances of being the eventual winner!
In Scotland the Clown Prince, err...sorry First Minister, Alex Salmon, has got on with the key issues facing Scotland by suggesting that we have a seperate team for the Olympics!! I am sure that he will eventually turn his attention to improving health, education, housing and social care in Scotland after he has secured a seperate team for the Eurovision Song Contest as well??

Hibs ended a very poor end to the season with a 2-1 victory over a weakened Champions Celtic side but dad was there and said that the Hibs fans went away happy and even cheered Scott Brown on his last game before joining ... Celtic! He helped his cause by scoring with a flying header !(pictured above). The close season gives John Collins time to dismantle and rebuild for what will be a very interesting new season with a very new team. I will console myself over the summer with the CIS Cup Final victory DVD which I have just ordered to add to my collection!
Roll on the new season!!!